About Us


Sira Puga scarves

All Sira Puga products are produced in Italy, in a small family business where advanced manufacturing techniques are combined with traditional craft, perfected over many years.



Creative magic happens when an artist becomes deeply involved in the technical aspects of the art form in which they are working, this is why our collections are born from meaningful collaborations with artists. We invite artists to explore the artistic avenue of the silk to create unique designs.


Our history

Sira Puga is a Portuguese luxury brand established in 2020 crafting accessories with a special attention to materials and detail, conveying to its most essential values: quality, sustainability and authenticity.

Raised in a family in the textile industry, Rui Puga, inspired by his mother Sira Puga, came across the idea of establishing his own brand in order to pay tribute to energetic, bright and inspiring individuals like Sira.


Our values

We are committed to integrity, fairness, equality, sustainability, beauty and quality. We believe in creativity, respect and support, we believe in you.