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In order to offer the best browsing experience to all users, Puga Varela Fashion Concept Unipessoal Lda (Sira Puga from now on) uses cookies (or markers).

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer and stores information about how you use our website, in order to provide you the best online experience possible.


What type of cookies does this website use?

Sira Puga's website has three types of cookies: length of stay, management entity and goals. 


Length of stay

Session cookies are temporary files that will be erased from your computer’s memory when you close your browser.

Permanent cookies will usually remain on your computer’s memory until you manually erase them. The purpose of these cookies is to optimize the websites browsing and purchase experience. These cookies allow the user to return to the website without counting as a new visit, storing useful information for purchases and registration / login. 


Management Entity

1st Party Cookies: are placed on your computer by Sira Puga in order to protect services requested by you. 

3rd Party Cookies: are those placed on behalf of Sira Puga's website by our trusted partners, allows for several other functionalities such as sharing pages on social networks to work or access to google maps.


Technical cookies: are those essential and strictly necessary for the correct functioning of a web portal and the use of the various options and services offered.

Analytical cookies: are used to prepare an analysis of user behavior in the websites and browser profiles, and to ascertain the users’ preferences in order to improve the offer of products and services.

Personalization cookies: allow the user to specify or personalize some features regarding general options on the webpage, for example, by defining the language, the regional configuration or the type of browser. By deleting or blocking such cookies, your preferences will not be recorded for later visits.

Advertising cookies: allow efficient management of the advertising space included in the webpage. They allow the advertising content to be adapted, ensuring that it is relevant to the user and to avoid showing advertisements which the user has already seen. These cookies may show specific advertising or display options that the user has previously selected and limit the appearance of unsolicited advertising. The information collected is anonymous and may be shared with third parties, specifically  advertisers and agencies.

For a better understanding, here is the presentation of the list of cookies used in our website:





Shopping cart


Store user products in cart

3 months



Save products to user wishlist

1 year

Protection of the Website Replication


Protects the website from being replicated and used for other purposes.




Save user data

1 year

Google Analytics


Uploads navigation data to google analytics.


Google Analytics Tracker


Submits transaction data to the google analytics.


Google Analytics


Uploads data to the google analytics.




Save user session data